How to submit

For the inaugural issue of for Lebanon, please compose a poem or work of prose that responds to or reflects on the theme of 'displacement.' We ask that poems be under 40 lines in length, and prose between 200-2,000 words. Please upload your submission in a word document, subscript font size 12, and send to Please also include the name you would like to published under, a short bio and the transaction ID or receipt of your donation to Horizons International. The submission interval for Lebanon extends from the 14th of February to the 4th of August 2021, lengthened to allow a greater window of submission time during the pandemic.  

We look forward to reading your piece, whether non-fiction or fiction, and we respectfully ask that the content of your work remain sensitive to the theme. We want you to feel comfortable responding to the prompt in an honest way, but we are also aware that these publications will be accessed by a wide readership. Although we will do our best to organise submissions in relevant categories (dependent on age), we hold the right to refrain from publishing work we feel may not be suitable. In the event of this happening, we promise to contact the author and work with them to ready their piece for publication should they so wish.