A word from our editor 

Writing is the act of realising dreamworlds; on the page, our imagination has the potential to become visceral and, in some small, operose way, real. Writing with intentionality is a quiet act of authority wherein one engages with and brings the layered vision (imagination meets desire) to the world. Writing, or any kind of artistry, must begin with place. A place where everything it holds is first held. Be it in the mind, or on a stage. Works of art are formed by, for and in a setting. This place has the potential to surpass space, time and consciousness. Here, artist and receiver (writer and reader) find themselves in dialogue. Defined as the state of being safe or protected from pursuit, danger or distress, the word refuge represents the vision of this online publication. We want submissions that respond to global, socio-ecological crises with advocacy and compassion. We hope that you might find your imagination reflected in another's. 

The general tab will give more insight into the submission process. All submission fees are directed to organisations working for humanitarian relief and recovery around the world.