Defined as a sanctuary or place of protection, from which one cannot be forcibly taken, Refuge is the vision of our online journal. We strive to publish work that responds to socio-ecological crises around the world, with advocacy and compassion. Each issue will partner with an organisation working for community relief and recovery.

Russia continues to launch devastating attacks on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million people. Its military forces are bombing city centres in advancement on the capital Kyiv. According to the BBC, Russian missiles and rockets have hit the cultural heart of Ukraine's second largest city, Kharkov, in what officials call a deadly and "cruel" attack. Many homes, schools, orphanages, hospitals, the list continues, have been damaged and destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing to other locations in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova as refugees. Many others still remain in the war-torn areas. On both sides of the Ukrainian border, men, woman and children demonstrate tremendous courage, resilience and grit.

All submission fees for the second issue of Refuge will be sent to support International Partnerships. Click here to read about our affiliate organisation based in Ukraine, International Partnerships. As our submission fee, we ask that a minimum of £4 is donated to the International Partnerships “Humanitarian Aid for Civilians” via their website, and would encourage writers to donate more. More details on how to submit can be found in the guidelines. All submissions will be published on the website within two weeks succeeding the deadline. 

Tina Zonko & Shanley McConnell