Defined as a sanctuary or place of protection, from which one cannot be forcibly taken, Refuge is the vision of our online journal. We strive to publish work that responds to socio-ecological crises around the world, with advocacy and compassion. Each issue will partner with an organisation working for community relief and recovery.

The whole world is grieving the cataclysmic explosions that occurred in Beirut on the 4th of August 2020. This third most powerful explosion in history caused at least 220 deaths, 7,000 injuries and left 300,000 people homeless in a time of global pandemic. Our inaugural issue, for Lebanon, will partner with Horizons International, an organisation working for community relief and recovery in the worsening economic downturn, the coronavirus pandemic and devastating explosions in Beirut. Please click here to read about our affiliate organisation in Beirut, Horizons InternationalAs our submission fee, we ask that a minimum of £4 is donated to Horizons International via their website, and would encourage writers to donate more. More details on how to submit can be found in the guidelines. All submissions will be published on the website within two weeks succeeding the deadline. 

Natalie Adamson & Shanley McConnell